Anytime you have a question, or feel like hiring me, itís toll-free (for you) 877-676-6985 or  e-mail  voxforge@voxforge.com.

Basic Fee, Imaging or Spots:
10 seconds for ten dollars
10 sec minimum.

Six Month Market Exclusive --
600 seconds each month
10 sec minimum per cut
Each month paid in advance, full amount due on cancellation.

Fee negotiated per project
Half up front, rest on delivery.

Itís all dry. Post is up to you. I can add some reverb or room
ambiance and/or compression
at no charge.

Delivery can be by MP3 or WAV or CD/DVD.  I can email shorter MP3s. Otherwise, youíll get a link so you can download your file at no extra charge. CD/DVD delivery costs $15 per disk.

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